Insights from financial compliance & regulation for fintechs

Insights from financial compliance & regulation for fintech startups
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Flagright Partners With ComplyAdvantage

Flagright has established a strategic partnership with ComplyAdvantage to provide a real-time database on sanctions, PEPs, and adverse media...

Employee Spotlight

Damilola Joseph Ibitola

I think it started from loving the idea of working for a startup that was trying its best to break away from the norm of not caring about the...

Blog Posts

What is Banking as a Service (BaaS)?

Banking-as-a-Service has become the most innovative way for fintech to quickly bring a customer-focused bank platform to market through digital means.

New Releases

Launchpad is now live for Singapore

We can also provide assistance with developing tailored AML policies, onboard with relevant BaaS providers, and other essential compliance procedures.

New Releases

Flagright Partners With AiPrise

This expands Flagright's product offerings to provide identity verification and KYC services and helps operational teams centralize their work on a...

Employee Spotlight

Ankita Gupta

I liked what Flagright was going to do—assist fintechs and startups in preventing financial crime, and I liked the idea that everything I worked on...

New Releases

Flagright Partners With Coinfirm

In an era where cryptoassets and transactions are becoming increasingly mainstream, it is more important than ever to ensure that businesses...

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