Hi Nikolai, Can you tell us more about your role at Flagright?

I work as a senior software engineer. I usually work on the front-end side of our project, but also contribute to the overall project architecture solution, UI design process, and other company engineering processes. Because we have a small team, each engineer participates in all aspects of the project.

Have you always wanted to work as a software engineer? Tell us the story behind that.

Yes, in fact. From what I recall, I've always been fascinated with computers since I was a child. I remember reading books on computers even when I didn't have one. Then I began learning to program at school, as well as going to a local computer school. After that, I went to university where I learned a lot, and have only ever worked as a software engineer since then. I've never worked as anything else, so I think it's meant to be my thing.

With so much demand for engineers out there, what made you choose to work with Flagright?

Well, I was actually looking for small teams since I had previously worked in large and middle-sized teams and found that I didn't like giant organizations because they were primarily bureaucratic, and I wanted to feel like I was known, and at some firms, most people didn't even know themselves. Another reason is that I enjoyed the product we were going to produce since it served a purpose, which isn't always the case with other organizations. So I decided to go for it because I shared a common purpose with Baran, our CEO.

What does a regular day's work look like for you?

I usually get up between 8 and 8:30 a.m., take a cup of coffee, play a few games, and then relax till our daily meeting. After that, I work until lunchtime and then go for a walk. After that, I go back to work till the evening. I do that virtually every day.

Tell us something you’ve learned while working at Flagright that has contributed to your personal growth?

I feel a lot better than I did in my past positions, when it took me a long time to figure out what was best for me. But at Flagright, I've been able to maintain control of my tasks, which is crucial for me to feel engaged and motivated. Overall, at Flagright, I learned what matters, and it has aided my personal development.

So, when you're not working on the frontend or developing something, what do you do to relax?

Well, I sometimes play computer games, watch videos on YouTube, and watch movies at home. We also have beautiful old theaters in the cities that show movies from like 50 years ago, haha, I like them.

How would you describe your role at Flagright to a teenager?

Yes, that is a valid question, and one that I frequently ask myself. I'll describe it this way: I'm making a tool to prevent and stop people from stealing money.

Tell us what you enjoy best so far about your job at Flagright?

Flagright has a fantastic team. A team that's polite, helpful, and patient, because mistakes happen, and nobody gets furious and rants about an issue all the time. I enjoy the fact that we're building a product with a purpose that everyone knows, and that we're already servicing customers, because I've previously worked at companies where you just build a product and it doesn't go anywhere, leaving you demotivated.

What are your thoughts on the compliance industry and Flagright's solution to the challenge?

I'm not an expert in the compliance field, but as far as I can tell, we have a distinct niche in this market. There are clearly more powerful products than ours, but they are incredibly expensive and uninterested in startups. So, even if I'm not a marketing expert, I can understand our strategy and know that we're doing everything we can to assist as many fintechs and startups as possible.