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Insights on fraud prevention & regulatory compliance for fintechs and neobanks
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Aman Dugar

So I decided a startup was best for me, particularly Flagright, because I was intrigued by what we were going to build.

Employee Spotlight

Damilola Joseph Ibitola

I think it started from loving the idea of working for a startup that was trying its best to break away from the norm of not caring about the...

Employee Spotlight

Ankita Gupta

I liked what Flagright was going to do—assist fintechs and startups in preventing financial crime, and I liked the idea that everything I worked on...

Employee Spotlight

Chia Lun Wu

"I was a bit hesitant in the beginning, but finally, I decided to join because, YOLO, and I thought it would be a unique and interesting experience."

Employee Spotlight

Kaushik Kumar

Read how Kaushik's passion for science, mathematics, and competitive programming led him to pursue a career in software engineering.

Employee Spotlight

Nikolai Mavrenkov

Learn how Nikolai's childhood fascination with computers led him to a career as a software developer.

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